InVision - Design Makes Everything Possible

The lovely folks over at InVision had the great idea of asking a bunch of awesome designers and illustrators to design their take on the phrase; Design Makes Everything Possible. Lucky gal, me, was super stoked to be asked to work on this amazing group project. 

Design makes everything possible is quite the statement, where would I even begin visualising that? I started by asking myself, why? Why does design make everything possible? After some thought, and several cups of tea, I settled on a concept that felt good and articulated just how I felt about the design industry as a whole. It's the designers behind the design that make everything possible because they're the believers who truly believe in the impossible. Always aiming higher, solving the most complex problems and constantly pushing design to new unexplored places, all because they believe. They believe in a vision that others see as impossible. 

After settling on the concept, I decided that mythology, legends and crazy inventions would be the basis for the content of my design.  Some scribbling and vectorising later, I created an illustration built up with bold geometric shapes and detailed line work, with some Art Deco era inspiration thrown in the mix. Super fun and cool project. Would design again.