Ghostly Ferns


Let's talk about Ghostly Ferns! We're a collective of sorts, but really we're a group of best friends who like to support each others career and have fun together along the way. We're your flexible friends who can act like an agency or work as individual freelancers, whatever your project needs! We're also a bunch of wacky weirdos and that quality is definitely apparent when it comes to our work.

When thinking about how to design our brand, we thought about qualities that we all share and how we work best with clients who embrace our happy, fun and weird personalities. This is when we, as a team, truly flourish. With that in mind, we went forth creating all kinds of madness and mayhem with a butt load of illustrations, fun photography and goofy copy. Amongst all the fun of doing so, the question "Why don't we have a ghost with boobs as our mascot?" came up. That same day, I created Flo (our ghost with boobs) and cried with laughter at how terrible the boobs looked until they were just right. The purpose of Flo is to attract clients who love us for who we are, no matter how weird we get.


Doing okay together since tomorrow!