Envoy Passport - A Better Way to Sign In

Envoy is an amazing product that creates the perfect visitor registration experience on iPads at the front desks of many offices and workspaces. Envoy Passport lets visitors sign in automatically to Envoy using just their phone. No need to waste time filling out forms or sign-in books, just walk straight on through. The experience is seamless and extremely efficient. 

Envoy already had a beautiful design in place but wanted to build on their visual identity. They approached me to help them extend their brand into the realm of illustration and bring a fun personality into the mix. The product is smart; efficient and friendly. We decided that using robot characters would be a great way to represent the intelligence behind the product. Vibrant colour, bold shapes and a clean aesthetic, combined with happy robot characters set just the right tone, communicating that Envoy Passport delights visitors with a very satisfying sign in experience.