Condé Nast - A NYC Staple Is Expanding To Austin!


If you didn't know already, I work as part of Ghostly Ferns. We're a group of best friends who are all freelancers. We mostly work on our own individual projects, but we sometimes collaborate, which is the most fun in the whole world. This webpage is a project that Meg was working on for Condé Nast and she asked me to help out with some of the illustration work. The awesome thing about this is that Meg created the NYC illustration at the top of the web page and I created the Austin illustration at the bottom, could you tell? Meg and I always have such a great time collaborating because our styles go so well together, we're both very happy, upbeat and slightly weird, which definitely shows in our work. We always end up making the coolest things together, and this project is no exception. To make things even better, we had our good pal, Jonnie Hallman work on building this site. How cool are the animations? You just have to take a look!